Welcome to a new day here in Carol's Corner. I hope this finds everyone in good health and good spirits as we approach the holiday season heading into the New Year. Let's get our hearts and minds ready to begin a New Year; one in which we will soar to new heights and become the best we can be! This ensemble was my church outfit this past Sunday. I'm standing in front of the building our church meets in. The winner of “Name This Ensemble is Nancy Driscoll Stroup with,” Black And White with Red All Over.”



I love the jewelry I wore with this. It just was perfect with it, from the necklace and earrings, to the bracelet,to the watch. Just love the whole look. As I was still recovering from being sick my FitBit hadn't returned till the following day.

As it's always fun to find new ways to photograph something I love that we chose this Christmas Tree as the backdrop for my arm pics. It's another avenue to show creativity.

I totally love everything this graphic portrays and it can be useful in all aspects of our life. But it can be extremely powerful when it comes to the journey we all find ourselves on. Read that first sentence and realize the powerful statement it's making. Your state of mind when you begin this journey and as you go along the highways and byways we all travel on each and every day, can mean the difference between success and failure. You have to believe in your mind that you can do something. It all has to start there. Without that belief you are doomed to fail. It just becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Even when you hit a wall in your journey it is your belief in yourself that will keep you going and allow you to break through that wall that is holding you back. As you know, I am going through a hard time right now as it pertains to my eating, but deep down I know I can do whatever it takes to get myself back to where I want to be. I just have to decide one day that this is where we get totally serious again and that day is coming soon. Are you in the same place? Do you need to make that same decision? Wherever you are in your journey you have to believe in yourself. You have to understand that as you go through this journey you are going to have many ups and downs; and as the graphic also states, those downs are only temporary. You are the one that is in control. The only thing that can defeat you is you. When all those negative thoughts try to take over, take a step back, clear your mind, and remind yourself that you are in control, you can do this no matter how long it takes. Change that negative thinking and harness the power of your mind to break down all the barriers that keep you from realizing your goals. Remember that every problem you encounter along the way is only temporary. Every problem has a solution. You can find those solutions if you just believe in yourself. Take the time to examine what's holding you back and then take the steps needed to make a course correction. This journey could well be described as a series of small races, races that will eventually lead you to the finish line and beyond. Everyone's journey will go at a different pace. It's not the time it takes that makes you a winner; it's that you get to the finish line. And once there the journey begins anew. Are you ready to stay in the race? Are you ready to sprint to that finish line in 2016? All of you out there who are making your way to the finish line along with me, let's get our heads in the game and together we can show just how powerful the mind can be. Let's cross that finish line and once we cross it; together we'll learn all the things we need to do to stay there. Till next time, God Bless'!


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