Welcome to Carol's Corner. I hope all the readers that visited here the last three days enjoyed and found some inspiration from Betsy's story. This won't be the last time you will see Betsy featured here on my blog. She has a lifetime of stories and insights to share and as we speak she is formulating what direction she will go in next. So stay tuned.

I have a number of pictures to share. After I had this picture above, I bought a beautiful sweater you will see after my other usual pictures. I totally love this outfit. These large silver pieces give a big pop to this ensemble and I so adore these earrings.

I have been waiting to have the right outfit to wear this beautiful FitBit band with and this was just the perfect one! I also wore this multi gemstone ring that I haven't worn in a long time. This seemed like another perfect fit. And I also hadn't worn this beautiful Sterling bracelet in awhile either. And then of course I had to wear my newest favorite pair of shoes.






As always I have to have one of my watches from my watch collection and this has fast become one of my favorites.

And this brings us to my sweater . It is in this segment that you will hear the winning name for this ensemble. My pictures were taken in two seperate places. My husband is gone for two weeks so I have to enlist a lot of help to get my photos done. As I am friendly and outgoing even to strangers it is usually easy to get someone to help me. The picture at the beginning was taken where I bought the sweater below. I hadn't gotten around to checking out our new Marshall's store and yesterday I finally did. The above picture was taken in their beautiful dressing room area. The very nice attendant moved things away from the wall in the one section to take the picture there. It was the perfect backdrop. She was so nice and helpful. And she took all the hand photos at a counter that is in that area. She said it was nice to do something to keep from being bored.


I was happy to find this awesome sweater. You can't have enough of things like this and the price was so good. There are flecks of glittery thread through it.(You know how I love my bling). Now to the back which is the best part and from this pose, think this is why my photo ended up with the name you will see soon.




Lori Castellino picked this name for what she calls my “look” although she really likes the ensemble too. So here it is,” Yeah, I see you checkin' me out!” Way to go there Lori!

So we have arrived at the point where I have to figure out what to discuss tonight. This is just going to have to come from the heart. Do you feel overwhelmed at times at how life events affect your weight loss and fitness journey? I am sure that each and everyone of us who has embarked on this journey has to answer in the affirmative. But what do we do when everyday events overwhelm and threaten to derail the progress we have made or are making? Do we try to get through it on our own or do we try to find help and support from another source? Do we let things fester and let little things eat at us and cause us to turn to food and make all the wrong choices? Life really has a way of getting us to take our eye off the prize so to speak. This is almost a given when it comes to the path we are on. So here is the most important thing I have to impart to you. First and foremost, don't go it alone. Find someone or a group of people you feel comfortable with to discuss life issues that come up on a day to day basis. Sometimes all it takes is just to be able to talk to someone who understands. It is especially important for that someone or someone's to be people like ourselves who can relate to the journey we are on.

That beings me to something in this area that God laid on my heart just in the last day. It came about because of a chat (well back and forth comments on a thread from my group) with Betsy, whose story you just read here on my blog. She mentioned something that I could see was bothering her, so I encouraged her to talk about it with me. At one point she said maybe she should delete the comments and I said of course she didn't need to do that. That is when I decided that we needed to expand what we do on my group ,”Carol's Inspiration Station” and we are working to change our mission statement to accommodate our expanded mission, to include what I am calling our “life discussions”. I want the station to be a safe place where we can feel free to discuss life issues and get help, suggestions and support from each other. God spared my life in my recent car accident and I am more sure every day that one of those reasons is the gift he gave me of being able to inspire, motivate and help people. He has led me step by step along the way and I feel this is the next phase of the journey I am supposed to take. I invite anyone who reads my blog and isn't already a member of ” Carol's Inspiration Station” to come join us as we expand our mission and work to help each other navigate life and everything that entails day by day. For it is “WE not just I who are the “Inspiration Station”. Till next time God Bless.



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