Welcome to Wednesday night in Carol's Corner. Didn't realize what a beautiful background we picked for today's picture. It's amazing. I love every single thing about this picture. Calling this shot,” Leopard On The Prowl.”

Love the jewelry I chose to wear with this ensemble. The earrings and bracelet rock!

I was going to wear a different FitBit band but it happened to break in half, but this one will do just fine.

Do you find yourself saying that there are things in your journey that are impossible? Well ponder on the above statement. Bet you never thought of it in those terms. Just recently I said that something was impossible for me to ever do and then just a short time later I made it a reality. In the last two weeks I have been upping the amount of workout miles I do and am an avid FitBit user. Once I was so close to achieving 25,000 steps but just fell short of it. I originally thought I could NEVER get close to that milestone and SURELY not get even further than that. Well there came a day that I achieved that and in the SAME day blew right past that to do 30,000 steps in a day. That just blew my mind. And then shortly after that this is what happened.

This is what you will find as the opening header in my Facebook Group, “Carol's Inspiration Station.” When I finally allowed my mind to believe something I previously thought was impossible was actually possible, I set out to achieve it, and low and behold my body went far beyond what I ever dreamed it could.

What are the things you have told yourself that you can't possibly do or achieve? Might it be that you like me have sold yourself short all this time? Stop seeing things as an impossibility and set out to make them a reality. The mind is a powerful thing. Use it to help you achieve more than you ever dreamed you could. Believe in yourself and you will soar to new heights. So start soaring! Till next time, God Bless.


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