Welcome to Sunday night in Carol's Corner. Going to attempt to get my blog done while in the car on our way to DC. Have a cool set up when we're traveling. Can work on my I Pad like normal and keep both the phone and I Pad charging as I work. Really excited to get away for awhile. Going to be gone for 10 days. I'm loving the outfit I decided to travel in. Believe it or not the dress and shrug were purchased in different stores and different times. They totally look like a set. When I looked at my ensemble as a whole a name for it came to me in an instant. Calling this “Simply Timeless”.

I knew that I had to have white accessories and the simple pearl white strand for my necklace gave it the classic look I thought this outfit had.

So tonight we will see if I can finish up our spot on Weight Watchers, so let's pick up where we left off yesterday.


Cost varies with promotions throughout the year and whether you choose to attend weekly in-person meetings, work with a coach, use the online tools only or all three. All new members pay a $20 starter fee plus a standard monthly fee of at least $19.95 for essentials including the online tools and 24/7 chat. You can add to that a monthly pass to unlimited in-person meetings for $44.95, which also includes the essentials. Or you can pay as you go; meetings are $12-15 per week, with a onetime $20 registration fee. For a personal coach(plus essentials), members pay $54.95 a month. If you want “total access”-meetings and a virtual coach, plus essentials-you pay $69.95 . None of the costs include food of course.

Does the diet allow for restrictions and preferences??

Most people will be able to customize Weight Watchers to meet their needs-the program tags recipes and foods in it's material for various preferences including Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Lower Carb, and “Nearly No Cook”. When I give you the link to this article you will be to clink on any of the various preferences mentioned above.


Exercise is encouraged, and Weight Watchers has assigned a PointsPlus value to a number of activities, such as swimming, dancing and cleaning, that are listed in an online database. These count as extra food points, which allows for an occasional splurge. If you do an activity three or times a week, for example, you can “spend” your extra points on a special restaurant dinner or a second slice of pizza, and a beer. Weight Watchers recommends using everyday activities to get more active. You get points for spending a night on the town dancing or even doing chores, like an hour of laundry. Weight Watchers also encourages the use of an activity monitor , either through the company's own device, Active Link, or by syncing other popular activity monitors, including FitBit and Jawbone.

Now I will provide you with some links to read at your leisure. This one shows how Weight Watchers was ranked by experts. This one is where you can find recipe resources to use on your journey. And lastly the link to everything I used . You will be able to dig deeper here in many sections.

I hope you found this to be helpful and informative. Tomorrow we will move onto the next diet on the list, that being the HMR Diet, one I know nothing about. Tune in tomorrow and we'll learn together. I'd like to leave you with this.

Till next time, God Bless.

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