Welcome to what is going to be a shortened edition of Carol's Corner. Let me get my picture portion out of the way and then I will fill you in on my night from hell. Another outfit I am digging. Realized today there was one piece left of my summer whites, these nice lightweight white pants. This is a beautiful blouse I got last year. The soft shades and really feminine design just looks and feels wonderful. I decided to call this ” The Soft Shades of Summer”. It has a neckline that needs no jewelry, so just wore the bracelet and earrings from a set I had made.

This is another watch from my watch collection.

This is the bracelet that I have the matching earrings to ( there's a necklace too, but none needed with this top).

And of course there is always my FitBit combo. I always liked this band with the little hearts.

So now on to explain why I won't be doing a regular blog post. I started trying to get all my stuff caught up on post reading as I went to Denny's and was planning on a really good topic tonight. That just didn't happen as I was having a ton of technical problems. It seems like this past few days it has been nothing but. Now mind you I was getting ready to start my blog around 11:00 PM and it took me till 4 AM to finally solve my issue. You do not want to know how frustrated I was. BUT, anyone that knows me, knows I am not one who gives up easily, especially when it comes to my technologies. So as it's far too late to get started on a topic, take the time to look over some prior issues, especially the features that have been published this past few weeks. But this little example goes to show persistance does pay off. So remember, you never fail unless you give up and that should not be an option.

As they say, see you same time same station, till then may the good Lord bless you and yours.


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