Welcome to Carol's Corner. Kind of crashed this morning and messed up my day today. I don't seem to have enough hours to do my regular blog post. I am going to recommend to you in lieu of reblogging a former post, that you take time to go into my archive and reread some of the blogs I've published since I began my blogging journey. I'll get all my pictures out of the way and then I just would like to discuss something with you all.

I'm posting two pictures of today's outfit, so you can see how you can change things up by adding another piece to it. I always have a sweater or topper handy to use in restaurants where the air conditioning is too cold, the night air too cool, or at the sections of the grocery store that are always too cold without a sweater or jacket. Also this particular piece has lots of visual interest in the color, style, and material. I have worn this top many times and am able to pair it with many other pieces in the various shades of color that are in it. I call this, ” Coloricious”.

I love the jewelry that I have for this outfit. It has the perfect shades of orange and yellow , and the whole thing just sparkles in the light, and my FitBit combo is also great with it. The whole ensemble is just a feast of color for the eyes.

So here Is what I need to get off my chest. I'm sorry if any of you were offended by what I said in my blog last night. When I was talking about unhappy people and negativity, I was not talking about people who were unhappy because of circumstances or life events. I was talking about the type of personality that is just not a happy person in general and is almost always negative regardless of circumstances. I'm sorry if any of you took offense to that. I was speaking from my heart and from experiences I've seen as I've walked through life thus far. I will return tomorrow with a new topic. I just ran out of steam today. Love you all. Till next time, God Bless.


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