Welcome back to Carol's Corner. I hope everyone got a chance to read Tiffany's story yesterday. If you missed it make sure you go to the archives to access it and read it. I can't wait to feature someone else here in Carol's Corner. This was my outfit for dance tonight. Like it a lot. Funny thing, I bought this last summer when I was at my lowest weight and it was a little snug in the midriff and stomach area. I presently am about 2-3 pounds more than my low and it is looser. Go figure. It has to be the exercise. There can't be any other explanation.

The back of this blouse is what makes it special. I use my Cami Shaper underneath it because of the low back and think it looks nice. Can't believe this is the third white piece I have worn this week and got none of them dirty. Quite surprised by that. Calling this one”, Orange Fantasies”.

Hubby decided this would look really neat up against the white wall and when I see it I have to agree. Got to wear this really pretty FitBit band, and my white accessories,shoes, and skirt pair really nicely with this very cool top.

And of course have to have the BandCuff and white again is the perfect choice. Oh and check out my new manicure. Love it. My nail tech is awesome and I give her total control over color and design and she never dissapoints.

Since I wasn't able to start this early enough I think I just want to try and do something to try and inspire and motivate you. Speaking from the heart always seems to work well for me. I'd like to start with this question. Do you love and feel good about yourself? Or do you think it's not ok to love yourself? I'd like to discuss that a little. I say that if you are unhappy with yourself, you can't love others the way you should. Do you always put yourself last? Maybe it's time to change that. If you don't take care of yourself, physically, spiritually , and emotionally, who else is going to? You are worth it. You deserve to feel good inside and out. When you start to take care of yourself and your needs, it will have a positive affect on both you and the people around you. When I physically let my weight get out of control ,I told myself that I was just too old to do anything about it and tried to pretend that it didn't matter. But it did matter. Deep down I didn't like myself anymore. It wasn't till I started my journey and my body started changing as the weight came off , that I realized just how true that really was. When I started feeling truly good about myself people noticed the difference in me. It came through in everything I did. People commented to me that I seemed different. And it was true , I was. The joy and zest for life that I once had, returned bigger and brighter than before. Try putting yourself first for a change. It's not selfish. It will only help those around you. When you are happy with yourself, you will be a better person, a better wife , a better mother, a better friend. Start taking care of your house, your “REAL” house. Your body is your temple. That means everything; body, mind, and spirit. Take care of yourself first and everything else will fall into place. You deserve to be happy and healthy. I believe in you, believe in yourself. Take the second half of 2015 and make it the best ever. Till next time, God Bless.

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