Welcome to Carol’s Corner. Had some technical problems, but guess I worked through it. Thought I wasn’t going to be able to publish an issue tonight. I had a photo problem. Don’t understand what happened , but resolved it somehow. I’m dubbing today’s picture “Golden Girl”. It is such a happy looking ensemble. I actually can’t believe the two pieces were bought from two different places and match absolutely perfectly.

Of course I had to use Gold tone jewelry with a little bling.

I was searching around on Pinterest Boards and came across one about motivation boards, motivation walls and things along that line and thought we might explore that idea. Have you thought about the things that motivate you? Have you vocalized or envisioned in your mind what they might be? Let’s take a look one example.

Here is a motivation board, that that this person made and placed on her fridge. The location they chose for this is an awesome way to remind yourself to think before you put something in your mouth. Notice all the different things it contains. The first thing you notice Is a beautiful set of undergarments I’m assuming they want to fit into. This is a visual that is hard to ignore. What will yours be? Also on this board you will notice that they have put the goal weight they are shooting for and then they have a “countdown the pounds poster”. Then scattered around you find little motivational thoughts like this one,”The decision to train no matter how you feel because you desire results”. Love this one,”Why choose failure, when success is an option?” And then there’s this little gem “Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even when you don’t want to do it”. And interspersed between are pictures showing different kinds of exercises. Take a minute and think about what this would look like if it were yours.

I’m going to link you to a site I found during my search on the topic of motivation boards. It’s called” Sisterhood of the shrinking jeans. The link will lead you to “Create your own motivation board”. There are lots of good things to link to here on all the subjects we usually talk about. I’m asking you to take the challenge to create your very own motivation board. Whether you decide to make it on Pinterest, on a cork board, a giant poster board, or on your fridge is entirely up to you. Think how much fun you’ll have being creative coming up with something that is meaningful, inspiring, motivational and meant just for you. Here’s the link to the site I just mentioned.

So put on your thinking cap, decide what kind of board you want to do and start searching for just the right things that will help motivate you and inspire you to reach for all the goals you have set for yourself along the winding highway we all are on; the road that leads to good health,a fit body and a newfound zest for life. Till next time , God Bless.

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