Welcome to Carol's Corner on Memorial Day weekend here in the USA. Was quite a beautiful day today, not too hot, not too cold. Gonna have a bunch of picture's before we get started on today's topic. This is one of my favorite summer dresses. The color combo is just divine . The style is just flirty and fun and totally feminine. I call this “Color In Motion”, because of the way the dress and tiers move as you walk.

Starting to showcase my watch collection. I like watches that look like a piece of jewelry. I have amassed a pretty good collection, never paying a lot of money, always buying them on sale.

I had the perfect jewelry and FitBit combo for this dress.

This brings us to the second half of the day and less dressy attire. Sometimes I keep my church clothes on, it just depends on what we're doing. I've dubbed this outfit “Fun In The Sun”.

Here's the watch I selected for this outfit. I find I have a lot of things that look nice with a black watch and this one is rather striking.

My FitBit Combo.

One thing about being able to make jewelry is that I can make something to go with almost anything. The fun part now is going through it all to see what goes well. I have each set in a zip lock bag and the most time consuming part is looking through them to find the one I'm looking for.

One more set of pictures and we will be getting to our topic for today.

We went to Stewart Park by the water in Ithaca about half an hour from us and just walked around for a bit. Hubby decided these two locations would make cool pictures and I think he was right.

Love both of them, but especially like the one on the rocks. I might have to print these up and frame them.

Ok done with the picture stash and on to our topic. We're going to talk about navigating all the cookouts and barbecues during the summer months filled with graduation parties, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and so forth.

We're going to start with something from Total Gym pulse;a community at the core of health and fitness. The article is titled” How To Eat Healthy at Cookouts and Barbecues”.

It should be easier to eat healthier in the summer , but there is always something going on. We tend to think of it as a relaxing time, going on vacation, sitting by the pool, and getting caught up on our reading. In actuality, summer tends to be a frenzied race from camp to sporting events to a seemingly endless array of picnics and barbecues. Here are a few tips to stay healthy and on track during the crazy ( and wonderful) summer months:


Even though we will probably go to many BBQ'S this summer, we still tend to act as if each one is a unique celebration and perhaps the last time that we'll see hot dogs, coleslaw and 7-layer dip ever again. So we put on our party hats, overindulge and then do the same thing three days later at the next barbecue. This year try and remember that there will always be another barbecue and more opportunities to have your favorite treats. If you wouldn't have an appetizer of potato chips, a double cheeseburger main course followed by a 2 cupcake dessert every night at home, you don't need to have it at every BBQ during the summer.


There's usually a lack of healthy vegetables dishes at BBQ'S, which is a shame because they are the most delicious during the summer months. So, offer to bring veggie kabobs to the next BBQ, even at home throw a few on your own grill and use them as a side the rest of the week. Grilling them causes them to caramelize and lose the bitter taste that kids (and adults) dislike.

Consider re-exposing your picky eaters to some grilled veggies during the summer. You may find what was an absolute “no” last winter Is now something they enjoy.


Where you situate yourself at a summer BBQ can have the biggest impact on the amount you eat. If you are within arm's reach of the chip bowl, you may find yourself constantly eating just because up it's there. Make yourself a small plate with a few of your favorites and find a spot on the other side of the yard. If you really want seconds, go back and enjoy. It's important that it's a conscious, mindful decision, rather than snacking just because it's there.


The core components of a summer BBQ aren't actually that bad for you. It tends to be some sort of grilled protein, and perhaps some fruit or salad. If we stopped there we would be in great shape. However, it's all the “other ” things that seem to get us in trouble. Moreover, those “other” things such as chips, pasta salad, buns, cocktails,and dessert are mostly high glycemic sugars and much more likely to be stored as fat. Instead of having a trifecta of sugars, choose to have just one, and fill up on a healthy meal of protein, veggies, and water. The extra step will get you to choose what you REALLY will enjoy and help you stay on track.

Now that you know a few simple tricks for eating healthy at summer parties and BBQ'S, you can have all the fun without the regret of having eaten too much of the wrong foods.

Now we'll find some other links with useful information on our subject. Attend Barbecue Party and Stay Healthy? Get ready for summer picnics and barbecues. How to eat healthy at a barbecue. How do I enjoy summer fun while staying fit? A Healthy Summer Barbecue ( Pinterest Board) Your summer barbecue survival guide. 8 Tips to stay slim during summer barbecue season.

Ok , think I've supplied you with enough information to chew on.( pun intended). Hope you take the time to go to all the links and read what is offered there. Remember knowledge is power. So let's gear up for the summer months , have fun, stay healthy, and stay active. Till next time, God Bless.


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