Carol’s Corner

This is for the people who wanted to know how I ate during the weight loss phase of my journey. This was during my first week of blogging back in November.

Carol's Corner


Before I get to our topic of the day, today’s picture has another of this week’s thrift store finds, this cute black knit top. It features an asymmetrical neckline with a ruched side drape, knotted with a silver buckle. Cost me less than five dollars. Paired it with a short silver necklace and silver earrings and bracelet. Worn with really nice knit skinny leg pants and cute black flats , it makes the perfect casual outfit. Now on to today’s topic. Some of my walk friends want to know what types of things I did to lose the weight and the diet changes I made. So here goes. When I started this journey I had to incorporate three factors in my diet. I had to watch sugar, carbs, and fats. That was no easy task. I read labels of everything and picked things with the lowest numbers. One of the…

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