Welcome to Carol's Corner on this glorious Mother's Day. I hope everyone out there had a great one. Today was a banner day for me. I participated in my first ever 5K Walk/Run. It was an amazing experience and I was surprised how well I did. I partially walked and partially jogged. I actually jogged more than in my training ones. I went 3.06 miles in 43:38 for an average pace of 14:15. I was hoping for a 15 minute per mile pace or less. I was pretty close to havIng less than 14 minutes per mile. What was truly amazing today was that my legs and thighs hardly hurt me after today's event. My practices must have really paid off. Gonna show you today's picture's after my 5K and then would just like to talk generally on some things and hope to inspire and motivate.

Surprisingly I was able to finish my 5K, go home and get ready for church and get there in under 45 minutes. Even impressed myself on that one. I made it with over 5 minutes to spare. I have always loved this dress. The color combo is just amazing. And my powder blue Cami Shaper pairs perfectly with it. And I always love it when I can wear these awesome sandals. Calling this one ” Shade's Of Summer.”

My FiBit Combo and jewelry. The jewelry set that I made matches absolutely perfectly. This is another of my rings made by an artisan I know.

Used two of the smaller clasp covers that I have for this one.

For tonight's blog I am not going to be using a topic as such, but want to talk just from my heart and hope to strike a chord with some of my readers, especially the seniors. Don't let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams and goals for yourself. Don't let age stand in the way. Age doesn't have to be an obstacle. Don't tell yourself that you're too old to get yourself in the best shape of your life. I am living proof that that just isn't true. It is just something we tell ourselves . For two years I let my weight get out of control and kept telling myself that I was just two old to start that journey again, that it would be too hard, but nothing could have been further from the truth, in fact for me it wasn't hard at all once I made the decision to do something. From the day I started my journey, I never looked back and the pounds just melted off of me. I ended up going farther than the original goal I set for myself . I started my exercise routine halfway through my weight loss. But now I tell people don't wait. Start right away. Make it a priority. If you make the decision first in your mind and commit yourself to doing what it takes, eventually that will move to your heart . That is where the real power comes from. You will start to truly believe that you can reach your goals, that you can change your life. It still will take a lot of hard work and committment, but you will start to realize that you are in charge of your destiny and no one else. You have the power within yourself and you can harness it to do amazing things. When you truly start to believe in yourself, your whole world changes. Look at the things I have accomplished. I lost all the weight that was dragging me down and more . I started exercising regularly and what a difference that has made. It's a key component in the journey we all are part of. I feel and look better than I have in years. I have a new found confidence and zest for life that had diminished when I had let myself go. Through this journey I found that I was able to inspire and motivate people. I found my true calling in life at the age of 63, now 64. Who would have ever thought that was possible? As I was going through this journey, something inside me just kept telling me that I was meant to do something, that there was a purpose in my life besides the things I was doing for myself and my health. The Lord led me step by step. A little seed started in my heart and mind. One day out of nowhere, I just knew I could help other people navigate their way through their own journey, that the Lord had blessed me with being able to communicate through the written word , thus the idea of Carol's Corner became a reality. The seed that had been somewhere inside me germinated and started to grow into something I never imagined even in my wildest dreams. How would I ever have believed that a 63/64 year old ordinary woman could do something so extrordinary as touching and impacting the lives of woman all over the country and the globe? That I could inspire and motivate and care so much for people I have never physically met but feel as if we could all be the best of friends. It is the most amazing, rewarding, and fulfilling thing that has ever happened to me. And it didn't end there. A series of things happened that led me to starting my own FaceBook group, “Carol's Inspiration Station”, again something that never entered my mind, until things transpired that somehow made it come about. I now believe the Lord wanted this for me all along, and allowed the chain of events that led to it's formation. My goal every day is to inspire just one person to see that everything is possible if you just believe in yourself, that you can go through this journey and come out the other end happier ,healthier, and more fit than you ever believed possible. That brings me to my latest accomplishment, something I would have imagined two years ago. I would have never even thought of entering a 5K Walk/Run, much less being able to finish it and being able to both jog and walk during it. It was the most amazing feeling to arrive at the finish line and see I had exceeded the goal I had set for myself and actually felt good after it was done. In all of my training ones my thighs hurt like hell, but this time I hardly had any pain at all. All of this in the course of the last two years. What are your dreams? What are your goals? Don't let age or circumstances stand in the way of reaching your full potential. Keep your heart and mind open to new possibilities. You might find as I did that there are things you are meant to do, things you never even imagined. Harness the power that is within yourself and change your life. Chart your course and don't let anything stand in your way. Don't let negativity from others stop you from doing what you need to do to become that new person you know is inside you just waiting to come out. Let each and every day be an adventure. Believe in yourself and that will shine through for others to see. You can inspire someone else who needs it to begin or restart their own journey. We all have greatness somewhere inside us. Find out what yours is and shine your light for others to see and follow. Life itself is a journey. Make it the best it can be. I hope something I have said here tonight has lit a fire inside of you and will help you to find the greatness that is inside each and every one of you. You can reach every goal you set for yourself as long as you believe they are possible. So wake up each day and start to make them happen. You are amazing, you are worth it. Till next time , God Bless.



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