Welcome to the Sunday evening edition of Carol's Corner. The weather in Central New York is finally starting to look up. Had temps in the 70's. Today's picture is what I've dubbed “Sunday Go To Church”. I love dresses so almost always wear a nice dress for church each Sunday. Like this dress a lot and got to wear my cute Royal Blue flats and since it's sleeveless this little black sweater is the perfect topper.

Love my polka dotted Fitbit band and this beautiful jewelry set I made. This gorgeous Blue Lapis ring was specially made for me by a jewelry artisan I know. I have six different rings made by her.

The white BandCuff works best with this.

Ok, I'm not doing a regular blog tonight, for a couple of reasons, one I'm totally exhausted and two just want to tell you about my experience today.

Mother's Day I am participating in a 5k Walk/Run, whichever you are doing. If the weather had been better I would have started training outdoors sooner, but alas we're in Central New York. I did one practice session last week. I pushed myself to try and have my miles per hour pace less than 15 minutes per mile. The first time I did 3.28 miles in 45.52 at a pace of 13.58. That was 4 days ago. We'll probably 5 now since it's 2 in the morning. Two days after my first practice the soreness in my thighs settled in, so I waited till today to do another walk/jog. It was much warmer today also, 70 plus°. Right away I tried to keep my pace brisk and below the 15 mph pace. I did a lot more jogging than last time to keep my pace. I don't know why that was. I have two knee replacements, so I can only jog in short intervals. Along the way lost where hubby's car was so went off course somewhat. I kept pushing myself pretty hard. I ended up doing 3.46 miles in 50.03 at a pace of 14.28.

Well this times my thighs were screaming at me as soon as I finished. I didn't even realize how badly till I got back to the house. I had trouble getting in an out of the car, and going up the few steps to get in the house was painful , squatting down was ridiculously painful, but the kicker to this story came awhile after that. Maneuvering the flight of stairs to get to my bedroom was not easy. But what came after that was quite a shock. I had to go to the bathroom and when I went to get up from the toilet I couldn't get up. It was so painful I couldn't stand up from the seated position. I had to yell for my husband to come and help me get up and then it was really hard. I guess I must be pushing myself to go at a pace or jog more to get to that, that my body doesn't agree with yet. Someone from one of the group's told me I needed to roll my muscles. The only thing I have in the house is a marble rolling pin. Used it twice so far and there just might be something to that. Tomorrow when we're in Syracuse will see if we can find one of the foam rollers she told me about. I seem to be able to get up more easily now although the pain is still there but not as severe. I'm still going to try and do a walk workout before I go to bed. I seem to be ok if I'm not squatting or getting up and down from a seated position. I definitely will have to wait another couple days before I try again. I don't want to have to go slower, but will just have to wait and see what happens. Something really cool happened though. In the am I got a text from my daughter-in-law saying the whole family was going to walk it with me. She's a runner like my oldest daughter and has run two half marathons in the past year. My two grandsons are in first and third grade.( Think I have that right). Not sure if my son is also walking with us or not. I am very competitive, even with just myself, so won't like it if I have to go slower , but maybe I'm just gonna have to. I will just keep on plugging away. So take away a lesson from me. It is ok to push yourself, but you have to know your limits. This is my first experience doing this , so I'll just have to listen to my body from now on. I'm gonna do this no matter what, but at what speed , we will just have to see. Have a great start to your week. Keep focused, keep motivated, and don't give up no matter what. Till next time, God Bless.


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