Welcome back. Hope you all had a wonderful day. We finally had a beautiful glorious spring day in Central New York. Have a number of pictures before we get down to business. Was excited to be able to put sandals on today and wear this awesome outfit. Calling this one “Wildflower Fields”. For some reason that’s what this blouse seems to say to me. I totally love this ensemble. Underneath the blouse is my bright orange Cami Shaper. The whole thing just feels right and oh so cheerful.

You almost always find me with some kind of coordinating sweater or topper for when you’re somewhere where you might get cold and this beautiful peach one is perfect for many things I own in this color group. It also has lots of texture in it and adds lots of visual interest.

Next of course is my FitBit Combos. I opted for the bright orange one with the muted design in it.

Always wear my clasp protectors and today chose a lighter orange and a purple one. My blouse has a purple shade running through the design.

One last picture before we get down to business. I will be wearing this a lot. This is the awesome leather jacket I got at the Thrifty Shopper for less than $15. I got it for 50% off and another discount on top of that, so this jacket was a steal and fits me like a glove.

Now , got the idea for tonight’s topic from one of the member’s of my Facebook group. So tonight we will be exploring exercise “burnout “. Let’s get started then.

This first information comes from Activebeat in an article titled “Tips for overcoming workout burnout”. It starts out with the following question” Do you find it difficult to get your butt to the gym”? In our case that could be our living room, or wherever you get in your workouts. According to the author, everyone gets workout burnout-particularly if you do the same type of exercise at the same intensity month after month.

If you’ve hit the proverbial workout wall, so much that you just aren’t motivated by your same old yoga class or weight lifting routine, try mixing things up with these 8 tips on overcoming workout burnout….


Everyone needs a break, and if you’re the type of person who feels like taking a week off is a form of failure, you’re being too hard on yourself. Taking a break when you’re burnt out on exercising, doesn’t mean your a bonafide couch potato for the rest of your days. If you’re feeling burnt out, sometimes the best thing to do is permit yourself time to rest and reevaluate your goals. You’ll likely start back up with a rediscovered sense of purpose and workout inspiration.


Now that you’ve accepted that taking a break might not be such a bad idea, cease exercising for a week and don’t dare feel remorseful about it. Chances are you may be saving yourself an injury. In many cases workout burnout is a direct cause of overworking your muscles or not permitting adequate recovery time. So go ahead, give your body and your mind a brief period of reprieve to switch your association with working out from a negative chore back to a positive opportunity for improvement. I so hope this doesn’t happen to me . It killed me when I was sick for three days and couldn’t exercise. Sometimes I might not feel like it, but ALWAYS am happy I did it anyway.


Use your brief workout hiatus as an opportunity to reevaluate your workout goals. Sometimes a break will take you out of a mundane habit and refocus your attention on the end goal. This may help you come to the realization that your goals have changed and that’s all right. You may have started working out to lose a little bit of weight, but maybe now you want to tone, gain muscle, or train for your first marathon. Newfound goals will bring about newfound exercise positivity.


Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your workouts. A year ago the author of this article was intimidated to try hot yoga ( whatever that is) , but now it’s their favorite form of exercise. So don’t be afraid to do some research on something new you may want to try and then just try it to see if it’s something you might like. You’ll never know , if you don’t try it.


This is something I hear over and over. Try out new forms of exercise, maybe you’ve been dying to try Zumba. Maybe now’s the right time. Make it a point to vary your workout program with a few different forms of exercise. Why? Not only will a variety of exercise keep you from getting bored and sustaining an injury; it will also improve your chances of weight loss, muscle tone, energy, and endurance.


Oftentimes the motivation you need is in the form of a workout buddy. Getting fit with a friend is great motivation to show up to a workout class even though you are sore as heck, and it will give you newfound workout motivation and commitment if you risk disappointing someone other than yourself.


Working out shouldn’t be all pain no gain. Finding a spiffy new pair of workout tights, a comfy new pair of sneakers, or something as simple as a beat-pumping playlist might just be the motivation you need to start moving, and keep moving for a little while longer.


After you’ve put in a good week of exercise, wherever that might be, make sure to allocate proper time for recovery . Make sure you alternate weight training workouts with your cardio workouts, so you’re not working the same muscle two days in a row to risk a pull or strain. Have cardio one day, and weight training the next, just remember to mix it up.

Now I will provide you with links to more good articles on the subject of workout burnout. Are you on the verge of workout burnout? The 4 stages of exercise burnout and how to avoid them. Over-exercising or simply burned out:The 7 serious signs. 4 tips to avoid exercise burnout and stick to your plan.

Hope you have enjoyed the look into this important topic. Please let me know what you thought about it as well as anything else you would like to see addressed on Carol’s Corner. Stay focused on your goals and stay motivated. I hope all of you are making 2015 one of your best years yet. Till next time, God Bless.



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