Thanks for stopping by. Won't be keeping you too long today. Decided I need a rest day. So just gonna post some pics and try to pass on a little inspiration. This picture is from one of the beautiful rooms where we had a luncheon this afternoon. Posted a bunch of picture's to my groups and forgot to name this ensemble. I'm going with a composite of two suggestions. We're calling this “Tropical Rainforest”.

Was super excited to wear my gorgeous new bracelet that houses my FitBit tracker. Will be wearing it with a stunning black dress at an upcoming wedding on Saturday. It works well. Just after we started dancing tonight it buzzed. I hope to be able to get something in gold and silver in the future. Then I will have something dressy for any occasion. For anyone that might be looking for something ,the website is FUNKtional Wearables on Etsy. They also have necklaces.

Read this and let it sink into your brain. This can be each and every one of you. Don't waste the rest of your life being anything but the best you can be. You can have bad days, bad weeks, or even a bad month. But every day that you wake up still on this earth, you are given a new opportunity to realize every goal you set for yourself . You can be healthy, fit, and happy with who you are, and who you want to become. Don't sell yourself short. Don't be discouraged or depressed if your journey seems to take longer than someone else's or seems harder than others. Everyone is unique and different . No two people's journey looks the same. Besides, the journey never really ends. It just goes from one phase to another. Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish if you put your heart and soul into it. Greet each new day with a positive attitude. Keep your eye on the prize. You are in it for the long haul. Stay focused, stay motivated, and above all, NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Till next time God Bless.


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