So here we are again, back at Carol's Corner. Pull up a chair, grab your drink of choice and make yourself comfortable. Hope this finds all my loyal readers in good spirits and ready to rock. Today's outfit combines many elements. This is a blouse I purchased not too long after my weight loss. I especially love the style and of course the colors. This jewelry I am quite sure I made to go with this when I originally purchased it and I don't think anything could have gone better. Love the cami shaper underneath, that picks up one of the specks of color in the top and love the shoes to finish it off. Now I had to think long and hard to continue my “Name That Outfit Tour”. I think I actually came up with something that describes it pretty good. I'm calling this. “Sunny Days N Stormy Nights”. This is my third set of Easter Bunnies. ( my favorite). Aren't they cute?

Always love it when I get to wear this FitBit combo. It's just fun and happy looking.

Been trying to decide on a new subject to pursue. I know this might not be where all of your are now, but it is of importance to everyone at some point in their journey. I am going to try and explore the subject of maintaining your weight loss once you reach your desired weight. Now pardon my pun, but this is a weighty topic.

For starters( not sure how many days this might take) I am going to use a publication called Lifetime Weightloss, with an article titled ” 7 Secrets For Maintaining Weight Loss”.

There is always much being said or written, concerning weight loss, but weight maintenance presents it's own set of challenges. It's a unique stage in our journey that needs it's own set of approaches and support. As many will tell you maintaining weight loss is a goal in itself, and requires much the same commitment as the weight loss phase did. And unfortunately most people struggle to keep it off. For some this stems from a weight loss approach that isn't sustainable. For others, it comes from not enough mental preparation or planning for the maintenance experience itself. You will see laid out here seven strategies that have proven successful by people who have gone through and are still in the journey.


Creating your own rules for weight maintenance is part of having the vision of the healthy person you want to be. As you've gone along your weight loss journey you've learned hundreds of habits that have helped you implement change. Some things work well for you,some don't. What works for one person won't work for another. You need to decide what the rules are that YOU must follow to ensure that you can keep on achieving success in maintaining you weight loss. Whatever the case, the rules must be unique to you. They can be as basic or as unconventional as you like. Trust-and-use the wisdom you gained in your weight loss journey to guide your weight maintenance.


Always have some sort of goal or finish line in mind. If you've already achieved your weight loss goals, you most probably have a confidence you didn't have before. Now might be the time to consider something new to try or train for. I've decided I want to do a 5K Walk. Running is not a possibility, but walking most assuredly is. As soon as this terrible winter decides to leave us, which I hope is soon, I have to start walking outside to be in shape for a 5K Walk that I know takes place on Mother's Day. If you have a “next” goal it will help keep you motivated and more likely to stick to healthy behaviors necessary to achieve those goals.


This is a simple but critical strategy. Self-audit yourself frequently. Maybe you need to journal to see where you might be falling down. Maybe it's your food, or maybe you haven't been exercising enough. For me, I know my food has been off, but my exercise has increased. I still may have to reign in my eating if my scale keeps going upward. I won't allow myself to go up over 5 pounds. The scale and the fit of my clothes will be the deciding factor. Also my doctor's visit Monday might impact things, according to how my blood work results are.


Daily exercise has many benefits, including increased happiness, better sleep, and better energy. Usually during the weight loss phase you incorporate some type of regimented exercise, and may or may not enjoy it , but it gets you the results you want. During the maintenance phase make sure you incorporate activities you love to do. For me that is our weekly dancing. I can't stand it if we have to miss it for some reason. And it's exercise that is fun and something that is always the highlight of my week. And by dancing I mean real dancing, the kind that is done with a partner, not the kind that just involves getting up and shaking your body around. Almost anything that has a beat is something we can find a dance for.


Life is going to happen. Count on it. By the time you're in maintenance mode you have probably mastered lots of new health habits, but there are going to be times when increased stress, whether the run-of-the mill or the more serious variety will jeopardize your fitness or eating programs. It is during these times you need to know simple behaviors to implement, to keep your whole routine from falling out the window. This does not mean perfection during these times either. Simply focus on getting enough sleep, eating slowly and being present at mealtime, have a five minute meditation or prayer time, or just take a break to go on a walk. These are all simple but powerful behaviors to practice during stressful times.


Quite often we are products of our personal environments. Researchers continue to show that people who are overweight usually have friends and family who are overweight as well- most often due to sharing similar unhealthy behaviors. To maintain your weight loss, make sure you build a strong support system who have the same aspiration to be healthy, and connect with them often. Choose people to go out with who share your commitment, or who won't sabotage your efforts. The more often you surround yourself with the right people, the easier it will be to keep your commitment to healthy behaviors.


Having the right kind of support is crucial for any weight loss journey, and it serves the same essential purpose for maintenance mode. Everyone's idea of and need for support , however is different. Find the kind of support that serves your needs the best. There are many kinds of support avenues available; local weekly support groups, nutritional and exercise blogs, and online communities that offer new strategies or just are there to inspire, motivate, and help you navigate your way along the highway you find yourself.

I found this to be an interesting look at how to approach the issue of maintaining weight loss. I hope you will find these strategies useful now or down the road.

The above picture just about sums it up, don't you think? Drop me a note and let me know how you feel about the topics, or anything you would like to see discussed in a future issue. Your suggestions are what allows me to publish this on a daily basis. I am here to serve you my readers, and want to do everything I can to help you navigate your way through YOUR journey at whatever place you presently find yourself. I always want to hear from you, so I know I am succeeding at what I am trying to accomplish. Till next time, God Bless.


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