Welcome to Saturday's Edition of Carol's Corner. Well winter still doesn't want to leave us. Was snowing this morning and now they are calling for snow squalls of one to three inches. So much for spring. Today's picture was taken before dancing started, where we go dancing every week. I so love this dress. Doesn't it just scream happy? I love everything about it, from the style, to the pattern, to the colors which I adore. Got to wear my beautiful pendant and ring again, along with another cool jewelry set I made.

I just love how all my jewelry colors go so well together.

I am not going to blog on a specific topic tonight . I am just going to try and inspire and motivate. I am going to start by reminding my reader's or if you're new to Carol's Corner, where I came from at the start of my journey to where I am now.

This is one of the few before pictures I have and actually I weighed about 10 pounds over that at my heaviest. I had let myself go and had given up trying to do anything about it. Well in hindsight that was just dumb. Thankfully health issues started me on my journey and that doctor's visit in November of 2013 was the best thing that could have happened to me. I call it my blessing in disguise.

Fast forward and this is me now. 64 years young feeling beautiful, confident, sexy, and better than ever, both physically and emotionally. I especially want senior's to know it's never too late. You can succeed at any age. You can be me. I keep telling people, first it has to start in your head. Make that first decision that you are going to change your life, and do it for yourself and nobody else. Set small goals to get to one step at a time, and also have a long term goal. Tell yourself every day that you can do this. Of course there will be ups and downs. That is just life. There will come a time that it will go from your brain to your heart. That is when the true miracle starts to happen. You will start to believe in yourself. You will start to achieve small victories and small ones will turn into bigger ones. Each person has to go at their own pace. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. No two people are the same. Everyone's journey is different, but everyone can succeed if they want it bad enough. Find yourself a support system and tap into that when you are discouraged or depressed. I invite any of my readers to join my Facebook group “Carol's Inspiration Station” if you aren't already a member. You won't find a better support system anywhere. The ladies in my group truly care about each other. It is just an amazing place to be. It is my pride and joy and something I am very proud of. It's my baby you might say. If you are having problems or need guidance always feel free to message me anytime and I will try to help you. Just remember, it doesn't matter what your age, it doesn't matter what your starting weight is, you CAN SUCCEED. Believe in yourself. Take one small step, and then another, and before you know it those small steps add up to the beginnings of where you want to go. So get started and never look back, and above all NEVER EVER QUIT. Till next time, God Bless.

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