Here we are, another night in Carol’s Corner. We’re not too happy around here. We just got six more inches of snow. Is this winter ever gonna end? And boy was it ever windy earlier today. I am SO ready for spring. I love the outfit I have on. I got this gorgeous blouse on one of my thrift store outings . I love the colors and the sparkles on the front. I also loved being able to wear this beautiful wire wrapped pendant and the ring that is also made by another jewelry artisan.

Finally got to wear this multi color FitBit band and like I said, just love this ring.

The hot pink BandCuff also goes really well with the whole ensemble.

Ok, the topic I have decided on tonight is exercise you can do at your desk, since I know there are lots of people who work in some kind of office setting. I am researching it as I write it, so because of the kind of topic it is, it might have to have links to go to, to view the exercises. We shall see how all this shakes out. We’re going to start with something from with an article titled ” The 10 Best Exercises To Do At Your Desk”. The word exercise comes from the Latin word “exercere”, meaning to keep busy or at work.

But what does the typical adult do at work, at least those who have an office type job? They sit at a desk all day for 8 hours and have a commute to and from work. This is a recipe for disaster. Sitting all day puts us at risk for obesity and puts us at risk for back pain, poor posture, leg cramps, tense muscles, and sheer boredom. Here’s something you can do about it. Following is a link to pictures of the top 10 exercises to do at your desk.

Exercise is simply the act of keeping your body busy, using your muscles and bones while your heart keeps pumping. You may feel that you don’t have time to do such a thing while you are at work. You’re not alone.

According to a survey by the National Center For Chronic Disease Prevention And Health Promotion, nearly 50% of adults in the U.S. admit they don’t engage in the suggested 30 minutes a day, five days a week of moderate physical activity, or the suggested 20 minutes 3 times a week of vigorous activity. In short, about half of Americans don’t get the physical activity they need.

But there are exercises you can do right at your desk to help improve your body’s flexibility with nothing but a few minutes and your desk chair. Just remember to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.(I never have, but you always have to say this).


Even when you’re not exercising you should make sure you sit at your desk the right way. I know I probably don’t myself. In fact with my shoulder problem I had recently, I was told to put something under my arm when I am working on my I Pad. So you can find me here at Denny’s writing my blog with my arm resting on a pillow and it does seem to help.

Your desk chair should be at the proper height to reduce strain on the neck and back. The chair provides the support for your body throughout the day. Adjust the height so you’re in a 90-90-90 position ; feet flat on the floor or on a foot rest and your knees and hips bent at a ninety degree angle. Keep your spine flat against the chair to maintain proper curvature. The chair will keep the rest of your back and neck erect in order to decrease your chances of hunching forward, which can cause spasms in the back and neck and can lead to headaches. I am totally guilty of not sitting correctly. As I ‘m writing this I am trying to be more aware, because I know I don’t sit right half the time and pain I get while sitting, is proof of that.

When you are at a computer screen, the top one-third of the monitor should be above eye level, both to decrease eye strain and to keep from hunching forward. Make sure you’re not craning your neck forward. Stretching is important and easy and can help diminish back pain.

Try the neck stretch: Touch your ear to your shoulder and hold it there. One direction is hard for me and I can feel the pain and tension from it.( it’s part of my shoulder problem). For a chest opener, stretch your arms back as if you were trying to grab a pencil between your shoulder blades. Stand in a doorway, hold the door frame on each side and walk forward till you feel a stretch in your chest. Last try supported back extensions. Hold your hips and gently extend your back by bending backward.

Folks who rarely disengage from the keyboard often develop carpal tunnel syndrome. If you repeat this one simple move you shouldn’t have to worry about developing it. Stand at your desk, and arms straight, place your palms on the desk with your fingers pointed toward you. Lower your body slowly till you feel the stretch( you won’t have to go far). Hold for 15 seconds. Repeat throughout the day.

The ” Magic Carpet Ride” ( one of the pictured exercises) works your core and arms . Sit in your chair with your legs crossed and your feet on the seat. Then place your hands on the armrests and raise yourself a few inches off the seat using your belly muscles and hands. Hold for 10-20 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat 5 times.

For lower body strength , try the ” Wooden Leg”.( also pictured). Sit in your chair. Straighten your leg straight out in front of you. Hold for 2 seconds. Then raise it up,as high as you can, and hold it again for two seconds. Repeat with each leg 15 times.

If this is too much to remember, take the stairs ( two at a time), not the elevator. Get up from your desk and go talk to your co-workers instead of e-mailing them. Park in the farthest part of the lot, or if physically possible bike or walk to work. Sip water all day. A homemade lunch with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will help you steer clear of the vending machines , while keeping your wallet flat and your waistline trim. Above all, don’t be lazy.

Next you will find links to pursue on the same subject.

This should be enough to keep you busy . Make sure you bookmark any of the places you want to return to. As usual I would value feedback . Keep in motion. Set your goals and plan how you are going to meet them. And above all, NEVER EVER give up. Till next time, God Bless.


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