Welcome back to another night in Carol's Corner. Here's to one day closer to spring. I've been wearing spring colors all this week to brighten things up. Today was a drizzly day all day long. All the snow banks are dirty and yucky looking and it's going to be big trouble when everything melts. This top was another of my thrift store finds. I'm not sure it was ever even worn. I so love the colors. You can't see it in the picture but part of the flowers are all little sparkly gems.

This FitBit band goes so nice, as does this jewelry set I made. This ring is a favorite of mine. It's Blue Topaz and Peridot in a Sterling Silver setting. It's quite beautiful if you saw it in person.

And then it was fun to pair the Royal Blue BandCuff with the FitBit band.

Tonight I am not going to have a formal topic. Just want to talk about our journey in general. This is a lifetime journey. It never ends till the good Lord decides our time on earth is over. There are going to be many ups and downs and many peaks and valleys. We need to prepare ourself to expect that. I will use myself as an example. My weight is up 4-5 pounds right now. My clothes still fit the same, so maybe all the exercise I do has something to do with that. In fact I just came off the best workout week ever. I did 49 miles of workouts and a total of 105,527 steps on my FitBit, and am proud to say I beat my daughter Stephanie who doesn't know the meaning of the word slow. To me that is quite an achievement. This senior isn't over the hill yet. But back to the ups and downs. I know I can't let the scale keep going in an upwards direction, so after tomorrow ( which can't be a diet day, because of prior plans), I am going to have to go back in weight loss mode, at least temporarily. In this journey we need to be ready to change direction when need be. I have been putting this off, but 5 pounds has to be the cut off, especially with spring and summer coming. In some ways this might be a positive for the people I am trying to help. It is good for them to see we all have the same struggles , but that we can overcome them. I guess I will use this as a teaching moment. Who knows, maybe the Lord has his hand on me guiding me again. He sure has so far. By writing about this here for people to see, makes me more accountable. I will now have to do what I said I will do, and hope this will help other people in their struggles. If you find you are in the same place, don't beat yourself up. Just recommit yourself to repairing the damage. I know what I have to do, now I just have to do it. I will keep to my exercise schedule as I have been, but starting Monday I have to go back to eating the way I did in my weight loss phase. It shouldn't take too long to get back in control if I do what I was doing before. I will keep you informed of my progress. So be prepared when you hit a place in your journey that isn't where you want to be. Just remember you have the power to change direction. Every day can be a new beginning. Make it yours. Till next time, God Bless.

5 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Hi Carol,

    I first want to say that I very much enjoy your FB posts and love you’re encouraging spirit.

    I would love to know what “diet” you follow to reach and maintain your weight loss goals?

    Thank you for sharing!



  2. Your post truly helped me realize how far off the train I had gone , from walking just to 10000 versus getting in a good workout which I thought was ok. This post was an eye opener Carol! Thank you!


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