Hello to all my loyal readers out there in the blogosphere. Getting a rather late start, so we’ll see how things go. I’m in a constant state of frustration at the moment, because I still haven’t been able to resolve the whole foreign language thing that is affecting so many of my readers. I am at my wit’s end , and anything WordPress has suggested has not panned out. I know the answer has to lie somewhere , but where that is, is beyond me. Like my pic for today. The top is a really cool one, and instead of wearing the piece underneath that came with it, I paired it with my Royal Blue Cami Shaper. Just love those things. They are so comfortable and so versatile. I own every color they make.

This is my FitBit band worn with 2 different cuffs, something I saw suggested the other day. You can make all different color combos to add visual interest.

This is one of my orders from China that arrived today. Love the embossed design on the plain colored ones, and of course I love my flag one. If I remember correctly , I am awaiting 8 more. This is just so much fun. When I got my FitBit, I thought I’d have to settle for just a couple of colors. Love that I don’t have to now. So down to business. Two tips to go. Tip # 5 is to add in Systematic Enzymes. There are certain proteins in the body that stimulate and certain proteins that suppress the immune system. Under normal circumstances your body balances the two. But in the case of an inflammatory or immune response, your body can get out of control. Systematic Enzymes support that balancing process, assisting normal inflammatory responses. The most popular brand is Wobenzym. It has been shown to improve everything from thyroid antibodies to endometriosis and joint pain to post- surgery recovery and scar tissue. Here is a link to where this can be found and purchased in Canada. Bottom line on dosage: Take 3-8 tablets with water, 2-3 times a day, before eating, or 2 hours after food. Easiest schedule to stick to, would be on rising and before bed. That brings us to the last tip, # 6, which is Switch your fish oils. For most purposes, a regular strength fish oil is what the doctor would reccomend. But when it comes to high levels of inflammation, this neuropathic doctor has her patients switch to a fish oil with a 6.1 EPA/DHA Ratio, for 3 months. EPA Alters the level of a hormone called eicosanoids, which controls inflammation and pain. Fish oil that favors EPA can be extremely helpful in breaking the inflammatory cycle. Here is a link about all the health benefits of fish oil. That brings us to the end of our segment on inflammation. We’ll take a day or two break from the medical stuff, and then we’ll return to the next hormonal imbalance that could be hindering your weight loss efforts. Those of you who have inflammation issues, I hope you have found this to be both useful and enlightening. I hope you are all off to a successful start to your week. If you’ve stumbled, remember, every minute of every day can be a fresh start. Just take a breath, regroup, and make a commitment to doing better. There is NO failure in this journey unless you flat out give up. You have the tools. Take them and run with them. Believe that you can be successful and you will be. Make 2015 be the year you are successful beyond your wildest dreams!!! Till next time, God Bless.





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