Welcome back to Carol’s Corner. I hope this finds everyone out there in good health and spirits. I might actually need your help in the spirits part. I am beyond frustrated at not yet being able to resolve the language issue that some of you started experiencing in the last three days. I will not rest until I can resolve it. It is really weighing me down. Next I have to address the rules change in my SIS group, so this makes my situation even more complicated. I can’t post links to my blog anymore, so I need you to correspond with me by private message, my blog reply section, or my email. Here is my email address. I want your feedback, and any wants or desires you need addressed, so please stay in touch with me in one of these ways. This is my outfit for the evening portion of my day. I wore another outfit to church. I am not going to make my step count for the first time in a long time. I didn’t sleep last night , so had to go to bed for part of the day and couldn’t fit in another exercise session. Oh well, guess everyone needs a rest day. I am going to post two more pictures. I will explain each one.

This is my FitBit band with a FitCuff cover protecting the band from inadvertently coming apart, and accidentally losing it. A pretty ingenious but simple device.

These are the colors I got. Have the last two available colors on the way. Ok let’s try to get down to business for a little while anyway. My mind is all over the map because of the other issues. So the #3 tip in our discussion , is to nix nasty nutritional habits . Bet this won’t be an easy endeavor. Let’s face it. In today’s world it is not an easy task. There is a very interesting study that I will provide the link to . You can read it and take away any relevant information pertinent to your health issues. I’ll link it first and then just go over a few facts they mentioned here.
Researchers at the State University Of New York at Buffalo, found that overconsumption of any one Macronutrient ( Protein, Carbohydrate, or Fat ) , can contribute to inflammation. They also identified immediate effects of certain foods on inflammation. Orange Juice for instance, was shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Red Wine was found to be neutral , whereas Cream, promoted inflammation. Red Wine has other properties, that are also beneficial health wise. That is of course, in moderation. Here is something interesting to note. Overweight test subjects experienced significant changes in free radical stress indicators and inflammation , just one week after starting a more nutritious diet. Considering the long term-term health benefits from reducing inflammation-from bathroom scale to joint health and beyond, this rapid change is pretty encouraging. Tomorrow we will talk about blood tests that can be extremely beneficial in determining your inflammatory levels. I have to find out if my daughter who recently became an RN, gets these same tests from her rheumatolgist. She has Scoliotic Arthritus. I know whenever she has a flare up, they do some kind of bloodwork that shows her inflammation level. Wow had to google the spelling of Scoliotic. Now I have a somewhat funny story to tell you, but at the time I was frantic. This edition would have been published a couple of hours ago if that hadn’t happened. I was attempting to show my waitress from Denny’s, how the tracker was inside the FitBit band. I slid the FitCuff off and unhooked the band. I totally freaked out. No tracker. At first I’m what, that’s impossible, especially since I started using the cuffs. I’m like this isn’t really happening is it? Then I got to thinking. I hardly slept at all last night. My husband was coming back from Sunday School to pick me up for church, so I could have an extra hour, to at the very least close my eyes for a bit. I did fall asleep , but slept 20 minutes through my alarm. That meant I really had to hurry to get ready. I guess in my hurrying, I must have changed bands and forgot to take the tracker out of the band I had been wearing and just put on the band, not realizing I forgot to switch the tracker to the new band. I never looked at my steps all day, because I knew I wasn’t going to meet my step goal for the day. You cannot know the relief I felt , when I hurried home to find it in the band I had worn the day before. These last few days have not been good to me. But I will not let it get me down, at least not with your help. So keep the faith guys, or guess I should say gals. Believe in yourself. 2015 is going to be your year, count on it. Till next time, God Bless.


2 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Good morning Carol. Sure glad I have on my email.I do so enjoy you messages.loved you outfit as all ways. Won’t to think you for this blog. God’s blessings have a good God Blessed day. ANGELS ON ANGELS SHOULDER.


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