Welcome to this issue of Carol's Corner. I am so excited. Today or, well I guess it's yesterday now, was my best day EVER on Carol's Corner. I joined a second Leslie group and started some posting. Did a short intro with my before and after pics, along with info about my blog. So I would like to welcome and thank all the new readers that visited me today as well as a new follower this evening. I will continue to strive to put out the best information and inspiration that I know how. Now regarding today's picture. Those of you who know me, know that I thrift shop from time to time. Well Saturday, Thrifty Shopper had a 50% off sale. I picked up 7 tops and a black leather blazer type jacket for $31 and change. So glad I went. This top is one of them. You'll be seeing my purchases from time to time. I'll fill you in if I'm wearing one. Would love to have a job as a shopper's assistant. Think I could really rock a job like that. Again a warm welcome to any new readers that payed me a visit today. Hope you liked your stay. Feel free to message me any comments, likes, dislikes, or requests. You my reader's ,are why I do what I do. I take the responsibility very seriously. Before we get started, take a second to ponder this.

If you found your way here, I guess you must have taken that first step, so now the trick is to keep on taking all the steps needed to continue the journey. And there are many phases and many different steps we need to take, as we go along the path to health , wellness, and feeling good about ourselves. Don't ever underestimate the last one. It changes everything. While I've been writing this, got my own exciting message from WordPress about the increase in my blog traffic. Seeing that just put a smile on my face and an indescribable feeling in my heart. In three short months , being able to inspire , inform, and motivate people from all parts of the globe, all walks of life, and all different ages, has become one of the most important things I have ever done in my entire life. I think it is the first time in soon to be the 64th year of my life, that I have felt a true purpose and calling to being here on this earth. So remember that whatever stage you find yourself in on this journey, there is always another step to take. Take the next step and run with it. Ok back to our exploration of diet personalities. In review , we've covered the the Support Seeker, The Serial Snacker, and The Free Spirit. Next up is The Sweet Tooth. Now this one would probably be me, something that probably led to my becoming a Type 2 Diabetic, along with my weight getting out of control. Are you one of those who has a sweet tooth? Do all of your friends and relatives know that? And guess what they probably do. They're always baking or bringing you your favorite indulgence, right? Do you ever turn down a brownie for something healthier? And what about chocolate? For some , that is an irresistible attraction. Now just think if your personality is a combo, of both The Sweet Tooth and The Serial Snacker. You could be in a world of hurt. So what are the experts suggestions for this dilemma? Well one of the most important things you can do is plan, and carefully. Identify the sweets you enjoy the most. Decide how much of each you are going to enjoy when. Don't waste your calories on bags of store bought cookies, or leftover Halloween Candy. Plan your treats ahead of time, so as not to mess up your whole days eating plan. Buy your indulgences one at a time from your local bakery, and savor every bite slowly, don't inhale it. If you just buy one at a time , to eat more, you'd have to make a return trip. Of course if you do, walk instead of drive. If you eat just a few of those high quality sweets, those bags of imitation goodies won't hold as much appeal as they used to. If there is something you just can't turn down if it were there, resist the urge to buy it. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. Try adding plenty of fresh fruit to your diet. They can appease your sweet tooth, and at the same time, add much needed fiber and nutrients to your daily diet. Type 2 Diabetics, remember it is much better to use the whole fruit, than juice. Juice packs way more grams of sugar and carbs than does a whole piece of the same fruit. If you need a little extra sweetness, try dipping your fruit in low-fat pudding( sugar free for diabetics ) or yogurt. As always planning is key in almost every aspect of this journey. So there you have the skinny on this category. Stay tuned for the last personality:The Distracted Diner and the conclusion to this interesting mini series. I will provide the link to the whole thing when we conclude tomorrow. Then stroll through each page and avail yourself of all the other links you will find there ,that you think can help you on your own personal journey. Hope you enjoyed this Edition of Carol's Corner. Anyone who has ideas or requests for future discussions please let me know. If any of you have a specific need I am more than happy to address it as best I can. Remember , believe in yourself. You are worth it. Stay focused, stay motivated, and stay moving. Till next time, God Bless.



3 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Pudding dip sounds good! My treat this week has been whole wheat fig newtons with tea. Been trying to eat an apple every day and I love red seedless grapes. I’m so lucky that I love both tea and coffee black. I have an herbal tea for evening, Bengal spice, that I love.
    Good advice and inspiration here as always. Thank you!


  2. Hi Carol, I am back.. I went to my Zumba class and it is fun, fun, fun! Lots of movement and steps. I too have a bd coming up in Feb and will be 64 too… I usually will always go for the brownie or chocolate chip cookie. I don’t tend to snack but will go for something salty but that is seldom.. I also enjoy thrift shops but don’t have many in our location, but I keep my eyes open. I do a newer blog at blogger and it pertains more to my journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am doing an online photography class and that keeps me going between the blogs. It is called Off the Fence. God is good and all the time..Have a blessed day!


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