Well it’s that time again. Time to sit back and see what we can come up with for all you folks out there. Things that will aid you, inspire you, and motivate you to continue on your own personal quest , to become all you can be in 2015 and beyond. As many of you know by now, my hubby is my photographer for all my blog posts and SIS pics that I post , as well as any pics I post on my regular Facebook feed. Well tonight he insisted that I have my picture done in front of our TV with the old black and white movie he was watching. He just loves those old things. Anyway, he said it would create visual interest. He’s always figuring out where he thinks I should be for my pictures. Guess it didn’t turn out too bad. My outfit today is one of my totally casual looks. The top is another of my thrift store finds in a color I love. Wish the colors of my jewelry and my shoes came out better , because they are the exact same royal blue. The jeans are Jennifer Lopez ones I got on a really good sale. Love the bling on them, which goes great with my blinged out belt. One of my greatest joys among others, since I lost my weight, is tucking in a top and wearing a really cool belt. I never grow tired of being able to do this. After the dinner my sister is making us tomorrow, I have to start being a little more careful again. She is up to visit my mom till Tuesday. My weight is up just slightly from where I like it to be. For some reason it didn’t go down it’s usual amount from the day before, even though I slept enough hours and had 8 miles worth of walks yesterday. We’ll just have to see what transpires in the next couple days. Gonna go grocery shopping on Sunday or Monday. Have to get back to the way I was eating while I was losing weight, if only for a little while. As you can see, we all have our ups and downs. Now let’s get busy. One of my readers wanted me to find some ideas for breakfast which didn’t include eggs and grains. I found a very good link which I will start by posting. It is from a blog site called Grass Fed Girl. It lists the top 20 egg free Paleo breakfast ideas, which also happen to be dairy free, gluten free, and grain free. Take time to look around the whole site. There are tons of recipes that some of you might be interested in. Her’s the link. Enjoy looking through this at your leisure. I love that I can use links here now. At some point I will try to find videos to post on my blog that might be of value. Of course that is , if I figure out how the process works. But I think by now you have discovered I am relentless at something if I have to be. Sometimes stubbornness can be a good thing. I think next I want to explore why it is important to maintain a healthy weight and what the benefits of doing so are, and then tomorrow we’ll try and explore lunch options and ideas. We’re gonna start with an article found on FitDay. As it states in the beginning , the benefits of maintaining a healthy body weight are numerous. Here they concentrate on five. I’ll provide a link to it at the end of this section. Benefit # 1: Discomfort relief. When you carry around extra weight, what is one of things that usually happens? The answer to this is pretty simple if you think about it. When we carry around a lot of extra pounds , we usually become less active and more sedentary. The extra weight we carry around , causes more stress on our joints and muscles, making them work harder than normal just to move around. A little known fact to most,that I learned because of my knee replacement surgery is this. For every pound that you lose, four pounds of stress is taken off your knee joint. I’m sure it is probably similar for the others as well. If I had kept on letting my weight go higher and higher I would most probably have needed a revision on both knees, which is way more complicated than the original surgery. Less weight on these portions of the body will allow them to work more efficiently and suffer less damage. Benefit # 2: Healthier Heart. I am sure from the combination of my weight loss and my exercise routine, my heart has to be in much better shape. The more you weigh, the harder your heart has to work, even at rest. The resting part I was not even aware of till I read this. Even when we lose a small amount of weight we increase the amount of blood going to our vital organs , thus allowing the heart to work more efficiently. By maintaining a healthy body weight , we put less strain on the heart. By doing so we lower the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure , and angina. Benefit # 3: Lower risk of Diabetes. This might just be the reason I developed Type 2 Diabetes. I had let my weight go up to my highest point, two years prior to my weight loss journey. It is well documented, that overweight people are at greater risk to develop Type 2 Diabetes. I was pre diabetic for years and didn’t do enough to prevent it from developing into the full blown form. So be pro active and get to a healthy body weight. Even if you already have it, you can control much by both diet and exercise combined. Benefit # 4: Cancer avoidance . Losing weight won’t prevent you from developing cancer, but it can greatly reduce the chances of developing certain forms of cancer. Ok for us women , this should almost scare all of us into shedding excess weight. The following are cancers overweight women are at more risk of developing: Uterine, gall bladder, ovary, breast, colon, and cervical. This is a mighty long list. Men can benefit by lowering the risk of prostrate, colon , and rectal cancers. Ever notice how women always get the raw end of the deal? Oh well, rather be a woman than a man any day . Benefit # 5: Prevent Osteoarthritis. That is one I already had years ago, probably because of my genes. Osteoarthritis is an affliction of the joints . Extra pressure that is placed on them due to excess weight can lead to this condition. This is or can be a crippling disorder that can in part be prevented before it starts by maintaining a proper body weight. The deck was stacked against me on this one because of hereditary factors , but losing excess weight and a good exercise regimen can help keep it in check. These are just a few of the reasons for maintaining a healthy weight . But I’m sure that just these five are enough reasons to keep on the journey to better health and wellness. Here is the link to the site. As usual there are plenty more things to explore at your leisure. I was going to switch to a lunch topic tomorrow, but think I want to do some more on this topic on my next post. I hope you will let me know how you find these recent blogs to be , and if there are specific topics you need addressed. I continue to want and need your feedback. Till next time, God Bless.













9 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Good morning, Carol. Lots more good advise here. Do you know how to figure calories burned using Leslie’s walk DVDs? I want to enter it on My Fitness Pal.
    I have ordered my Fitbit. Can’t wait to get it. It’s only been 2 days on this diet and exercise and I already feel better. I know reading your words of encouragement is going to keep me going this time. I’m excited because I know this can be done. It’s certainly not as easy as it was when I was younger…but I will make it!


  2. Carol
    Wow I had no idea about the knees. When I get more weight off sounds like some of my knee pain might go away. Every step I take hurts my feet and my right knee. Every single moment that I’m moving every day. I get so wore out being in pain all the time. Thank you so much for your blog


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