Hope this finds everyone well & happy. One more holiday to go. In between now and Wednesday I have to be careful. I didn’t sleep much last night and my weight stayed the same from the night before, and I went up my usual two pounds for the day so,now I have a two pound deficit to make up and I can actually feel it. It might not show , but my body can feel it and my sugar is another story. I will have to get that back in control in the next few weeks. The doctor is not going to be happy this time. But I know exactly what to do once I start. Can’t wait for my hair appointment Tuesdsy. Not liking how it’s looking in my pictures. So let’s get down to business. We have four tips left to go in our series on , “How to get back on track after falling off the weight loss wagon”. Tip Number 6: Understand why you went off track in the first place. Do you know why you went off track? I’m sure right now we all know why and that would probably be the long holiday season which ends on New Years. But what about other times? Did you overeat because you were upset, tired or frustrated? Make a list of all the reasons you might have. By each reason, come up with a solution or solutions , and treats or rewards that are not food related. Knowing what your reasons are and having appropriate solutions at the ready , may keep you from slipping again later on. Tip Number 7: Get Support. Support can come from so many places. Friends, family, personal trainers, nutritionists, your doctor, support groups like our “SIS Walk Away The Pounds Facebook Community, blogs like mine or others. The list is almost endless. Call on any number of these when you find yourself in need of help and don’t feel ashamed that you do. Sometime or other, we all need help. Utilize everything at your disposal. Have someone who you can be accountable to. Being accountable to others, can help you stay on track, and has been shown to increase your chances for success. Tip Number 8: Understand Your Cravings. I am working with a new program and am still trying to figure something out. I will have more tomorrow about understanding your cravings, so we’ll end here for tonight and finish this tomorrow. Hope You found something useful to use. Bear with me for a few days while I figure out how to use some new tools I am trying to use for my blog. Stay strong, stay motivated, stay above all , active. Till next time, God Bless.


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