Happy almost Christmas Eve, which it probably will be by the time I hit publish on this, the latest edition of Carol’s Corner. I want to thank all my loyal readers , for choosing to spend time here in my little corner of cyberspace. I take seriously the opportunity to touch the lives of people I haven’t physically met, and pray daily that I am able to provide hope to someone who needs it, information that is helpful in the journey we’re all part of, and small doses of motivation and inspiration to keep you all ON the journey. I hope I am playing just a small part in helping you realize your full potential and worth . I raise my glass to your continued success. A couple interesting things about today’s picture, but before I explain I’m going to post another pic.


There are a number of reason’s I knew this outfit, or specifically the sweater was meant for me to wear today. First, the ring is one I got a week ago from a local artisan , who makes these sterling silver rings from scratch. She does beautiful work , and I now own six rings designed by her. You can’t see all the ring’s setting because I was trying to pose the picture so the beautiful stone and color could be seen. That is part one. Then just a few days ago my hubby bought me this gorgeous wire wrapped Druzy Pendant from another local artisan . That is part 2. This particular color of both the ring’s stone and the pendant is a very hard color to get. That is why I was so surprised when I was able to get two awesome pieces from our own vender’s area at our local mall. Now for part 3. Before I left last night, I found this sweater in a clearance sale at Target. My beautiful color just happen’s to be a stripe in the argyle pattern. Well on the way home I was thinking, wish my two other FitBit bands I had ordered would get here. They were coming from China. Well to my surprise there the package was when I got home. So then I knew I was supposed to wear this today. Hope you enjoyed the saga of my color story. And before I get to today’s discussion, thought you would enjoy seeing my collection of FitBit bands I have been able to put together so far. I’m sure you’ve all noticed so far , that I am a real accessories person when it comes to putting together my daily outfits, and it’s something I really enjoy doing. So here’s my collection so far.


Let’s get on with it then. I might divide this up like the last series , because I have an early day tomorrow , and still need to exercise . So this first segment might be just a small introduction to it. I’ll be able to get an earlier start on the next one. Some of the material for this series comes from a website, called Reboot With Joe , and the article the material comes from is written by Claire Georgiou, a Reboot naturopath . From what I see here , the website has to do with juicing for weight loss, and Joe is the blogger. But that is not really the focus and as usual I will add my own thoughts and words , along with the person who wrote the article I am basing this on. There is a wealth of information to be found and utilized. You just have to go out and find it, which is what I’m trying to do. I love her title. She starts off with this question. ” Have You Fallen Off The Weight Loss Wagon” ? Interesting way to put it , isn’t it? During this , the biggest and longest holiday season , that might include many of us, more than at any other time of the year. This series is designed to get us back on track and consists of nine tips. We’ll examine each one and see what we can get out of them. I think we’ll just start with an intro and the first tip and then continue on tomorrow. With New Year’s soon approaching, one always thinks of New Year’s Resolutions. We talk about getting fit, losing weight, and eating healthy . We might have already made these resolutions long before this New Year’s even gets here. But it is easy to fall away from the best of intentions, especially if you are new to all the changes you have been making. After Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holiday Parties, and New Years, you might find it hard to get back on track. We’re going to discuss nine points to remember . We’ll start with just point one and continue on in my next blog post. Number 1- Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SUGGESTION. This is the most common reason why people discontinue the good things they were doing for themself. Many times people just give up and quit because they feel they’ve blown it , or it’s too hard. Then to compound this mistake , they give themselves permission to overindulge, making things even more difficult. And on it goes. We have to remember no one is perfect , and sometimes our best intentions run amuck. We eat the wrong things, we skip our workouts , we get lazy , and we make excuses. The most important thing to remember , is to not beat ourself up, but rather to spend the energy to get back on track. If you make a mistake or make a wrong decision, forget about it, and concentrate on what your next positive step is. It’s not how many times you fall, and you will, it’s about how quickly you get back up. The longer you take to get back up, the harder it will be. Committing yourself to lifestyle changes that result in weight loss, better nutrition, and physical fitness , can be a wonderful and exciting life journey that is forever evolving. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back ON the weight loss wagon. So there you have it, part one in the newest series , here at Carol’s Corner. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and see you back here the next time you stop by. Remember you can access any missed posts by going to the archives button at the top right of the page. Till next time, as usual , God Bless.

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