Hello out there to all my friends here at Carol’s Corner. I appreciate everyone of you who take the time to read my blog. This has become the most rewarding experience in my life. It is truly an honor to touch the lives of so many people, people whom I have never even met. Any time any of you have a special topic request, just message me, and I will try my best to address it in a future blog post. Don’t like today’s picture so much, but had to wake hubby up to take it, because I totally forgot to do it earlier. Wanted to show off my new belt. It is a joy to be able to wear something tucked in with an awesome belt. I have to try and do something short on my blog tonight, because I am on my second all nighter in a row. Trying to get my holiday decorating done. You’d laugh if you could see my house right now. Everything is all over, and parts of rooms are started everywhere in the house. It can be a two day process sometimes. So here goes tonight’s topic. I seem to hear many of you say you can’t stay motivated to either stay on your food plan, or keep up your exercise, or both. I know the holidays can be a trying time, but that is why it is more important than ever to stay focused. When we lose focus, we can do ourselves a lot of damage and undo all the gains we’ve made(and I don’t mean pounds). Extra pounds WILL be what we see though, if we don’t remind ourselves daily, why we started this journey in the first place. This is a good time to sit down and put to paper, what your reasons were and what your short and long term goals are. Just seeing them in black & white, might be just what you need to recommit yourself to reaching them. You don’t have to be perfect this holiday season, but you DO need to be mindful of where your excesses or deficiencies are, and then try to adjust accordingly. Keep your eye on the prize. You can do it. You CAN get through this holiday season and come out a winner. See each new day as a new opportunity to be successful. So get out there and be a winner!!! Till next time God Bless.

2 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Love your blog!! Question for you ….I’m thinking of getting a Fitbit. Does it calculate your steps when you do Leslie’s Dvd’s ? I had a device before that wouldn’t . Also, what’s the difference between a Fitbit and the Fitbit Flex ? I appreciate your input! Thanks! Have a blessed day!


    1. A Fitbit Flex is worn on the wrist. It calculates most of them . I try to move some when I’m doing kicks or knee lifts. I just got my flex as an early christmas present from my kids.


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