Hello to all of you out there in cyberland. This is Sunday night at Carol’s Corner. Not sure if I will be able to finish this tonight or not. Kind of exhausted from the long hours trying to sell my stuff at the mall. I might just have to make a short post and get some rest. I’m practically falling asleep as I’m trying to write this. Today’s picture was taken in back of where they put Santa for the duration. Think it makes a pretty backdrop. I think I’ll just have to use my blog to make one small point tonight. If your body is trying to tell you something , like mine is telling me now, you just have to listen to it. Don’t fight it. I want desperately to stay up and write a longer blog and do a workout, but my body is Saying, “no you need to sleep”. Do you ever find yourself doing the same thing? I want to fight this bone weary exhaustion and keep going, but my eyes are closing of their own accord, and I almost dropped my I Pad on the floor. That would not be a good thing and if something happened to my I Pad you wouldn’t want to be around me. That much I’m sure of. Well I almost dropped it for a second time. Guess that’s my cue to heed my own advice. I really wanted to get my workout in, because my weight is up more than I want for the evening, but will just have to make adjustments the next few days. So take my advice. If your having too much pain, adjust your workouts accordingly. If your overtired get some rest. If you don’t listen to your body you might end up getting hurt or sick , so do what your body is telling you to do. In the end , that will be a win win for everyone. So forgive the shortened version of Carol’s Corner and tomorrow I WILL HAVE the recipe I promised you. Till next time, believe in yourself and miracles WILL happen.

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