Hi guys. Welcome here again to Carol’s Corner. Hope you have enjoyed your time here so far. Well the holiday season is upon us as you can see by today’s pic. Since hubby is away on a business trip I have had to enlist various people to be my photographer. This afternoon a vender in the food court at our local mall took my picture for me at the place where Santa is going to be. Thought it made a really nice background. Today is going to have to be my rest day from my walk workout because I had so much to do . I should probably be asleep but wanted to get today’s blog in the can, so to speak. We have a dinner after our church service tomorrow. Had to make a loaf of bread in the bread oven and a casserole for the dinner. Didn’t finish till 3:30 am. Then I had to practice the song I’m singing in church. Now’s it’s 4:36 and working on finishing this. Some people have asked about the Cami Shaper’s I wear from Genie Bra. Took some pics from my collection to show you guys. After I get the one that had to be exchanged because of a mistake, I will own every color. This is gonna take up a lot of space because I own quite a few, so here goes.



The color of the blue one didn’t come out right, so tried taking it with the lights out and the flash then made it come out. Kinda weird but it worked.


I wear these with everything I can because they are so comfortable and they do just the right amount of shaping. I totally recommend them. I really should be a spokesperson or model for them. LOL!!! Since it’s after 5 in the morning and have to get up at 9:30 to get ready for church , guess I shouldn’t make this much longer. The next month and a half is gonna be filled with all kind of temptations, so all my walk friends out there stay strong. I plan to. I am going to get through this holiday season and keep in my 2-3 pound zone and I’m gonna melt those snowflakes!!! Make that commitment be your Christmas Present to yourself . You are worth it. Have a blessed Sunday. See you soon!!!

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