Well it's time to get a new edition of Carol's Corner up and running. Been busy trying to get back in the groove since returning home from my much needed vacation, which I hope you enjoyed hearing about. So let's get my fashion portion over with and see just what we can come up with. I love everything about this picture and ensemble. I love to have pictures taken using outdoor backdrops. They just make beautiful and happy pictures. Everything about this ensemble is totally me. Diane Panda Sabbath won the captioning contest with,”Walking The Blues Away “. Of course this outfit makes me anything but blue, but you know about those exercise endorphins right?

My jewelry is a set I made a very long time ago, but picks up all the color's in the dress. Now I don't know why, but my FitBit Band looks black in this picture but it is really navy. My ring is real turquoise and is one of the six rings I had made by a jewelry artisan I know.

The clasp covers pick up more of the color's in the dress. These are mini ones and I usually use three together in different combinations.

Love, love, love this watch. I have this in black and white and in this color combo here. I found a place on Amazon that sells really cool watches at great prices and ones that perfectly fit my small wrist. I might be buying one every month. I love watches that are like a piece of jewelry as you probably have noticed by now.

So I'm going to be talking about how exercise has helped me keep many physical ills at bay and it can you too, but first I wanted to share this article I came across this week from the UK Telegraph. Sorry there has to be an advertisement before the article but we seem to have no choice anymore. I might even find more articles for you to read on the benefits of regular exercise.


Exercise is beneficial for us in so many ways and this is just another example.

For me personally I have found exercise to be key to many of the physical issues I have had. Diet plays into it, but my diet of late has been far from perfect, but with exercise on almost a daily basis for me, I have had amazing results in many arenas. My recent checkup at my doctors just proves my point. The doctor no longer considers me to have type 2 diabetes at this time. During the two months I was laid up with my foot injury and couldn't exercise, my numbers had gone up slightly but were still right in the normal range. But since I can exercise again they are even better. My A1C was down to 5.8 and my fasting blood sugar was also in the normal range even though my diet was far from perfect. Every blood test she took was in the normal range. I don't have to have any for another six months. My thyroid level which sometimes is slightly elevated was totally normal this time. She didn't do a cholesterol panel this time as she did last time, but will be getting that checked again with my blood work in December. Before I lost weight and started a regular regimen of exercise I had to be on meds for diabetes for a short time and a little longer for triglycerides and cholesterol. I am currently on nothing for either of them. If you are a diabetic, exercise along with diet is an integral part of staying healthy. Diabetes can affect every organ and system in your body. If you have either form of diabetes you need to do everything your health care professional tells you. Be proactive and do research on your own. Begin an exercise regimen and stick with it. At 65 I exercise more now than at any time in my life. In the past month and a half, I started doing outdoor walking as much as possible along with my indoor walk workouts. If weather permits I walk from 45 minutes to 2 hours daily, many times divided up into two different walks. I do it even in the hot weather. I have a cross shoulder bag that I carry my phone, my reading glasses and a bottle of the flavored waters I drink. The first time I started walking outside I didn't have a bottle of something to hydrate with and had to stop at my mom's apartment to get a bottle of water from her. That was the fastest I ever drank one,I was so hot and thirsty. So make sure you always have a bottle of something with you. When I go on my walk I take a screenshot of my FitBit app so I know what time I started and where my mileage started, and periodically I check where I am at. Every time I walk I try to pick a different part of Cortland. It is a cool way to see different streets that you might not have been on, and this time of year it's really nice to see people's flowers or landscaping. If you haven't been walking outdoors start small and work up to longer distances. Regular exercise is also what keeps my arthritis from bothering me like it used to. So many people are under the false assumption that exercise is bad for arthritis. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a perfect testimony of how exercise helps arthritis. The less you move the worse your pain and stiffness is. The longer you sit the stiffer and lamer you will find yourself. As soon as I become more active the better I am. You know the saying,”Use it or Lose it”? That is just what will happen if you become a couch potato. As Leslie likes to say.”Get up and take a walk”. I commented to my doctor that I think I haven't been this healthy in a long time and she totally concurred . I am 65 and never been better. You can be too. Along with diet, make regular exercise a part of your day. Your body will thank you in so many ways.

Take time and read some of the links on the benefits of regular exercise.


And there are many many more. These are just a few. Exercise has greatly improved my life. It can yours. So get off that couch and get moving. Till next time, God bless!