Welcome to another day here in Carol's Corner. I appreciate all the comments I received from my last blog offering . So glad that it served the purpose that I hoped it would. Also a special thanks to my new followers. Welcome! And a very special thank you to all who have been keeping me in your prayers. Still have a lot of recovering to do with my foot, but glad to be mobile again and working out as much as my foot will allow it. Anything is better than nothing, even though I wish it could be more. Patience is not my strongest suit, but for now I guess I will have to be happy with what I can do.

This was my picture for today. Even though it hasn't been captioned yet, I really love how it came out. My new skin care must be doing a great job because I feel like my skin just glows since I started using it and it feels even better.





As you can see, I finally have my FitBit off it's forced leave of absence. Had to lower my goals because of my foot but at least I'm moving again. Isn't this an awesome band? And my jewelry accessories are made by none other than yours truly. Love the neon bead in this and the color's perfectly complement my blouse. Then we have one of my favorite rings. Might have to have another one designed sometime soon.




The BandCuff is a perfect match. Love the magnetic heart clasp on my bracelet too. You know me and my bling are best friends. LOL!

One least piece of bling in my watch, and then we are going to get to the meat of this edition of Carol's Corner; my feature story on Debbie Schussler Bodenhorn along with her amazing family transformation as well. Have many cool pics from her, but think I'll begin with this one of the family transformation and then add a couple more before we hear her story,and put the rest of the pictures at the end. The pictures really say it all.




You'll hear who in the family went on this amazing journey later in Debbie's story.

Here's one of Debbie by herself. Isn't it amazing how much younger everyone who loses weight looks? Now for one of her and her hubby. Then we'll hear about this life changing journey.

We'll have more pictures after you hear Debbie in her own words. Here's Debbie.

I wanted to share my weight loss journey with you all. I have had a weight problem for years and have tried all the programs out there, but to no avail. I may have lost some weight, but nothing really taught me how to keep the weight off. I am 58 years old, only 4″11' and was just about 200 lbs, scared to gain another ounce, as my father died at 53 of a heart attack, and he was overweight. My mother died of a stroke at 70. So being overweight and on high blood pressure medicine, I needed to change something. My doctor recommended the Medifast program and said he knows that will work. When asked why he didn't recommend that before, he said,” Well I know you are a picky eater and don't like vegetables, but I think it's time you made a change!” So I did! I loved the brownies on Medifast and ate 5 daily, and on my own lean and green meal, I lost my weight. Where else can you eat 5 brownies daily and lose weight? LOL! I ate vegetables I never did before and learned to like them. I decided this was my final try and believe me I am so thankful I did. I lost 57 lbs and feel amazing! Not only was I able to lose the weight and keep it off, it's almost 3 years now, but I've learned how to eat healthy and continue enjoying life! My family also followed along, after they saw it working with me. First my husband who lost 92 lbs, then my daughter who lost 52 lbs and finally her boyfriend who lost about 30 lbs. We called it our Family Transformation.

Now for some more pics before we continue.










So now we will go back and let Debbie finish her story and then we'll have one last picture before we close out this edition of Carol's Corner.

Deb continues-Not only did we feel great about what we accomplished, but both my husband and I were taken off our blood pressure medicines and at our age that is something to be thankful for. Many women say that you can't lose weight during menopause, but truthfully you can do anything you put your mind to! I did it during menopause; it may take a little longer, but the important thing is that it worked. I suggest everyone find something that works for them; something that not only helps you lose the weight, but also teaches you to keep it off. Life is short, but you can do your best to enjoy it and stay healthy at the same time. We are all so thankful we did!

There you have it; the inspirational story of not only Debbie but her whole family. Thank you Debbie for sharing your story with my readers. Who couldn't be inspired by an entire family who changed their lives and probably their health at the same time? I still have a road ahead for myself, but remember all of us are stronger than we think we are. And above all don't EVER EVER give up. Till next time, God Bless.