Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere that I dubbed ” Carol's Corner”. I hope when you visit that you enjoy your stay. My goal here is to educate, inspire, and motivate people to understand they have the power in themselves to realize their weight loss goals and to find their way to better health through a healthy diet and a regular exercise program. I was going to continue on the diet review, but because of things I've had to do to get ready for our departure three hours from now, I decided I would just do another from the heart kind of post today.

We'll go through my regular picture section and then see what I can talk about to help someone that just might be needing it. The picture at the beginning of my blog today is in front of the door of our friends we have been visiting in West Va. I really liked this casual but yet dressy outfit. My friend Faye has been helping me on the naming of my outfits while here. Today we decided on ” Fire and Wind'.

My accessories really worked with this outfit. I loved that this jewelry set I made long before this purchase just was spot on to wear with this blouse. And I totally adore my custom designed ring in such an incredibly beautiful color.

And the FitBit combo was perfect.

This is Faye and I just before we left for the movies and dinner at Panera Bread. I thought our outfits really complemented each other really well.

Stay tuned to an upcoming feature story I hope to share here possibly on Monday. This is one you absolutely don't want to miss. When you read Beth Donavan's story you will be totally amazed , and if you're anything like me you will be moved to tears. If you need motivation or inspiration this will do it for sure.

Remember this journey has to be for the long haul. You will go through many ups and downs and twists and turns. You will have good weeks and some bad weeks. We're on vacation and I know my weight is up. When I get back home it will be time to buckle down. But I also exercised every single day. Don't get down on yourself when you have bad days or bad weeks. This sums it up very nicely.

Just because you messed up doesn't mean you can't be successful. This is another great way to think about this and funny at the same time.

Sometimes we need visuals like these to put everything in perspective. Maybe you should find the ones that speak to you and print them out and put them where you can see them throughout your day. Maybe on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, at your desk at work , or by your computer at home. Take some time to search the internet to find things just like this that speak to you the most. You can do this and you can make this a lifetime journey.

We can do this, you can do this. If you fall just pick yourself up,dust yourself off and continue the journey. Till next time, God Bless.