Well it’s the dawn of another day that you are blessed to be on this earth. What will you make of it? Today could be the time to make new opportunities for sucess,it could be the time to kiss the regrets goodbye, it could be the day you spread your wings and fly; so get out there ladies and fly off to new heights. Going to have two pictures for you today. I adore dresses, especially now that my body seems to love them. I could wear pants to church, but I take every chance I can to wear a dress. I chose this one because I wanted to wear my newest Fitbit band and it went perfectly with it. If I hadn’t done a lot of Google searching, I would never have known there were places to get so many cool colors and patterns. I know some people might find this funny, but it’s a kind of a challenge to me. One could never say my choices are boring. I try to make everything fun and interesting. One more picture, and on to the important stuff.

I Chose this as my outfit for the second half of the day. Was able to use all the same accessories and the eye makeup too. Lol!! Still working on that smile. This pic I was pleased with how it came out. OK enough abut me. Let’s get down to business. Have you found your diet personality yet? So far we’ve had the Support Seeker and the Serial Snacker. Something just struck me funny . What’s with those S’S? Just saying. Next up is the Free Spirit. Wow another S makes an appearance. Too funny. Ok what is the Free Spirit? Well this one’s interesting. You refuse to eat anything “lite” because someone tell’s you it’s lower in calories. Gee, I feel like they’re cloning my husband here. The Free Spirit has better things to do than count calories, or grams of fat, or carbs, or sugar. You’re the rebellious type who refuses to follow a step-by-step chart , outlining what you should eat at each meal. You take all aspects of life seriously, But when it comes to food, you just don’t want to put in all that effort. Weight loss for you has to be simple and natural, with few rules, and always open to change. Wow , I’d say if that’s your diet personality, you’re in for a rough ride. So what is the solution here? This person doesn’t want to work hard on a plan and doesn’t want to do a complete overhaul of the way they eat. They don’t want to eliminate so- called “Sinful foods”, and just wants to make small simple changes without taking away any one food group. The biggest risk with the Free Spirit is the risk of gorging on huge servings of say, chocolate cake instead of savoring one small piece. The approach to the Free Spirit’s diet is essentially a non-diet. If this is you, you need to focus on eating slowly and mindfully. Rate your hunger before and after each meal, so you won’t allow yourself to become too full or too hungry. If I were counseling a Free Spirt, I would have to question their commitment to actually becoming fit and healthy . Nothing on this journey is accomplished without sacrifice, hard work, and committment. So if your diet personality is the Free Spirt , my advice to you , would be to take stock of what you truly want , and decide if you’re really willing to make the changes needed to be successful in the journey we all find ourselves part of. Well that makes two categories left to go. Tune in tomorrow to find out what they have to say about this diet personality, “The Sweet Tooth”. Well that would be me, probably what led me to being a Type 2 Diabetic. Hoping you find this series interesting and valuable to you. It is definitely a different way of looking at the topic of weight loss. So guys, take this new week the Lord has blessed you with, to chart your course as you continue on the journey. Spread your wings and fly: Fly to the top of the mountain where you can look down and say, ” I’ve got this, I CAN and WILL succeed. 2015 is MY year “. And so my kindred spirits; get out there and fly away . Till next time ,may God continue to bless you all.




2 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Hi Carol! You look fabulous! I am on a journey to whittle my waist.. I am still trying to figure out what works for me as in eating. My husband does most of the cooking and it is often not what I should be eating. Because I am petite I can’t take in many calories. I have just started a Zumba class and it is so much fun! I look forward to reading about your journey. We all need support and encouragement..


    1. Hi, tell me a little about yourself, where your from , age, anything you’d like . You can also message me on messenger anytime. Getting ready right now to work on the next one. Also you know you can access all the way back to read my last issues right?


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