Welcome to tonight’s edition of Carol’s Corner. Please bear with me . I’m trying to learn how to use Blogsy to format my blog . This is still a work in progress. Might have to start over in WordPress if I can’t figure this out. I’m attempting to learn how to insert the link to understanding your food cravings. Let’s see if I can make this work. http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/what-do-your-food-cravings-really-mean/. Think I did it. I have spent hours trying to figure this stuff out. So click on the link and it will take you to understanding your food cravings. Read up on this section and try to understand yours. The last tip is just called rebooting, which is what this whole series has been about . I am sure that all of us have to have some kind of reboot after this long holiday season. My weight part is ok pretty much, along with my exercise. Where I have to reboot is eating the kinds of foods that will make my bloodwork numbers on my Sugar, Chloresterol, and Triglyceride satisfactory to my doctor. I know that has gone in the southward direction the last three months, especially the last month. Now that almost all of the holiday craziness is over , I should be able to address that issue. So here it is ladies. We are almost at the end of this year. You can start fresh any time, any minute, or any day. Don’t look back, just look forward. Forward to that new you , the one I know you crave to be. You can do it. Believe in yourself. Challenge yourself, and above all NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Make that new beginning tomorrow, and if you slip up, just get back on the train wherever you left off. As I like to tell people , the only failure is when you just stop trying. That’s going to have to be it for this time, since it took me hours to figure out how to make this new application do what I was trying to do. Anybody that knows me, knows I hate to give up on anything. That is one of the qualities that is very much needed on our never ending journey toward better health & fitness. Till next time, God Bless and keep on moving!!!


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