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Before I get to our topic of the day, today’s picture has another of this week’s thrift store finds, this cute black knit top. It features an asymmetrical neckline with a ruched side drape, knotted with a silver buckle. Cost me less than five dollars. Paired it with a short silver necklace and silver earrings and bracelet. Worn with really nice knit skinny leg pants and cute black flats , it makes the perfect casual outfit. Now on to today’s topic. Some of my walk friends want to know what types of things I did to lose the weight and the diet changes I made. So here goes. When I started this journey I had to incorporate three factors in my diet. I had to watch sugar, carbs, and fats. That was no easy task. I read labels of everything and picked things with the lowest numbers. One of the things I did every day was to have a large fresh salad. I would make a big one every two to three days. I used head lettuce, romaine,and spinach chopped up , and spun in a salad spinner. Then I would add baby cucumbers, scallions, cherry tomatoes, and sprouts. When I ate a large serving I added some low-fat shredded cheese and something with crunch. I picked out dressings with the best numbers and only used two tablespoons. I never use fat free things because the sugar content is higher, just use lower fat. Another thing I did every day was steam the things I cooked. We had bought half a beef and had good ground beef. Try this and you will never fry a hamburg again. Take your ground beef and pat it down into a ramekin bowl. Season with any seasonings you like. We keep a big steamer pot on the stove at all times, so I can put the meat and whatever vegetables I am making and steam the whole meal in one pot. I would turn my hamburg in the dish once and season some more. When you lift it out all the bad stuff stays in the dish. Chicken is also great cut into pieces, and steamed with your seasonings of choice. These are a few products I use. I use a non butter product called Earth Balance. I use Hellman’s light for mayo. I use a fit fare whole grain wrap from Aldi’s to use in place of bread. I make a real good chicken salad with Hellman’s light and put diced fresh tomato in it and use dill weed as part of the seasoning. Makes a delicious and healthy wrap for lunch. If I used bread for something I would get whole wheat ,whole grain , or oat bread. I would eat some fruit and also bought sugar free single serve puddings with some sugar free cool whip as a snack for my sweet tooth. Then and now I weigh myself (unclothed) twice a day , when I get up and before I go to bed. Then I can adjust accordingly. In the beginning I drank more diet soda , but now I use a flavored water called Polar Ice. It is carbonated, not as much as soda and has vitamins, antioxidents, and minerals. The flavors are exceptional. The only time I drink Diet Soda now is at a restaurant. Some of my favorite vegetables are Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Brussels Sprouts, and in garden season adore Fresh Beets. Learn to use seasonings . They make everything taste better. Also portion control is important. With vegetables it is not as important but in other areas it is. I hope you have found some of this to be helpful. Feel free to ask questions or even offer your own ideas. Remember, the only way to fail is to never start the journey. Once you begin never look back , only forward. You alone have the power to change your life. Use it wisely and you will never regret it. Success is just around the corner. See you next time. Have a blessed Sunday.

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  1. Great, informative post, Carol ! You write well and keep my interest. I just read in the recent Woman’s World that HIIT (high intensity interval training like on some of Leslie DVDs) plus adding more yogurt to our diet is a big boon to weight loss, especially belly fat. Not sure if that’s absolute fact about the yogurt, but hubby and I like Greek kind anyway so it would be an added benefit. We buy the Yoplait 90 calorie kind, but I just tried Chobani’s seasonal Pumpkin flavor and it’s delicious. Thanks for all the tips … this blog is coming along nicely. You have a knack for drawing us in and give good encouragement ! Thank you. Eileen

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